Day Time Sativa Cartridge


Bloom Farms Highlighter Day Time Sativa Cartridge. All natural co2 extracted cannabis oil 500mg.

10 grams / $250


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Use this vape cartridge in the morning to release energy and help you stay focused.

Bloom Farms is a familiar California-based employer that has many followers worldwide. The merchandise they promote encompasses top-notch CBD tinctures, vapes, pax pods, and highlighters. The ultimate ones are extensively used by means of weed fans worldwide. And there is no marvel as these vaping merchandises are cost-effective, portable, and convenient to use.
We are proud of our partnership with the Bloom Farms organization and distribute its merchandise to nearly all nations worldwide. Stock up on lower-priced Day Time Sativa cartridges we provide to take your hashish consumption to the subsequent level.
The vapors supplied via the Bloom Farms producer are all outfitted with the battery-powered heating factors that heat hashish oil, handing over incredibly constant vapor. Thus, you will truly love your hashish smoking sessions.

Take on our Day Time Sativa cartridges online to reap the most advantages from your marijuana consumption!

The Highlighter vape cartridges are amongst our best-selling merchandise that posses dozens of perks, including:

  • Stylishness
    Thanks to their ergonomic design, Highlighter cartridges appear stylish and can be discreetly used at any place you want. They come in exclusive colorings to fulfill the most sophisticated tastes of hashish enthusiasts. Thus, you can order Day Time Sativa cartridges or vapor pens in white, grey, black, and gold colors. Their fantastic plan and unmatched fantastic might not depart everyone indifferent.
  • Easy to function and maintain
    If you are a completely satisfied proprietor of one of the hashish oil vapor pens provided by way of the Bloom Farms company, you possibly recognize that it is convenient to maintain. All it takes is to purchase Day Time Sativa cartridge as soon as the preceding one is over. The excellent phase of it is that cartridges are reachable in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends. So, you are free to scan with the tastes and potencies of hashish oils.
  • The excessive content material of THC
    Cannabis oil, which is contained in the cartridges, is extracted with easy CO2. Thus, it has up to 70% THC content. The producer refines uncooked hashish oils by way of crystallization to make sure all the amazing factors it possesses are preserved. You might not discover any components in the Day Time Sativa cartridge hashish oil. It is cautiously examined and does no longer incorporates any terpenes.

Notes: Bloom Farms is one of our favorite brands. They’ve been delivering consistently good cartridges since vapes became a thing.  This one, in particular, is their Daytime Blend, which is a good pick for those looking for a more uplifting, cerebral experience. Enjoy!

* Individual batches of this product may vary in lab test results and/or appearance.


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