Pot of Gold Strain


Pot of Gold is an excellent strain for managing chronic pain. Pot of Gold has a THC content ranges between 14% to 21%.

  • Type: Indica
  • Genetics: Hindu Kush x Skunk No 1
  • Earthy x Woody x Pine
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Sleepy x Uplifted

1 Oz / $300.00


Order Pot of Gold Strain – The actual gem of a bud

Pot of Gold Strain: Indica lines are popularly recognized for their excessive physique excessive that can depart you sedated for hours. The robust bodily consequences are way too an awful lot to manage for most humans who are no longer that experience. This is the place hybrid versions like Pot of Gold traces for sale are best for presenting a refined high. When taken in moderation, it affords a robust physique buzz except affecting your capability to accomplish tasks. What else do you want after a laborious day?

Product description

  • Pot of Gold is a heavy Indica that’ll get you in a super-relaxed state of mind. It’s earthy, fruity, and known for a nice euphoric high; keep an eye out for leprechauns.
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Information about Pot of Gold

ORIGIN The Hindu Kush and Skunk No. 1
EFFECTS Sleepy – 10
Relaxed – 9
Happy – 6
Hungry – 5
Euphoric – 4
Dry eyes – 7
Dizzy – 2
Headache – 2
Paranoid – 2
FRAGRANCE Sweet, pungent, harsh, fruity, floral
FLAVORS Sweet, fruity, hash
MEDICAL Pain – 10
Insomnia – 9
Headaches – 5
Lack of appetite – 4
Stress – 4
PLANT HEIGHT 3 to 4 feet
THC CONTENT % 11% to 23%
CBD % 0.05% to 0.12%
INDICA / SATIVA % 90%/10%
INDOOR YIELD Up to 21 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD Up to 31 ounces per plant
CLIMATE Warm and dry climates
GROWTH LEVEL Some experience needed to grow
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE susceptible to molds

Get affordable Pot of Gold Strain to avail achievable medicinal benefits?

The Pot of Gold is a move between Skunk #1 and the Hindu Kush, which has gained various awards for its potency. You can sense the outcomes of smoking this stress nearly right away with a clear-headed high. Fill yourself with an experience of happiness as all the poor ideas subside for a few hours. The upbeat cerebral consequences close for the duration of the day, making matters around you an awful lot greater satisfaction than usual. You can purchase a Pot of Gold stress for fine ache management, thanks to its muscle-relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can additionally be used as a herbal choice to anti-anxiety or dozing pills. There are no long-term fitness consequences related to this product, and it can be safely taken to attain the preferred outcomes.

At Global Marijuana Supplier, we provide premium Pot of Gold Strain pressure online at unmatched charge and quality. We set the industry’s best possible moral requirements and construct robust relationships with our clients primarily based on honesty and commitment. Our crew encourages the accountable use of hashish to make certain your safety. With masses on offer, there’s something to swimsuit everyone’s style and budget. Should you have any queries or concerns, please do no longer hesitate to get in contact with us.

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